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"Your cue is only as good as its wood"

"Your stick is only as good as its wood"  Along with the highest quality woods we also use only the best materials possible when crafting each cue, Micarta phenolic, Elforyn, Stainless Steel pins. We can customize a cue to your exact specifications and designs! We also offer each individual part as well as extra shafts crafted from Maple or Hornbeam. All skillfully hand crafted in house one of a kind Custom Pool Cues.

 About CT Custom Cue Parts

              CT Custom Cue Parts is located in the central Connecticut . We are a small independent company , that thrives to get the value directly to our customers. We have been crafting custom pool cue parts for many years and for many different people. We offer many different species of wood and custom finishes.


             Attention to detail can only come with caring craftsmen. Our in house professionals have been working with all types of exotic woods for decades. Many hours are required to finely craft the different types of wood used to create each part of a pool cue.

Daniel From Phoenix Arizona recently won a tournament in which he used 2 of our cues  "I recently purchased 2 cues and when I got them I have to say they play better than any cue I have had, I have had a lot of cues in my life  Schons, Viking, Woods, Worth, Brian Mordt, McDermott, Meucci and others and I got to say these Babin custom cues hit and play better than all the above. After I received them I played in a tournament and won it straight through. I shot with so much confidence and the cues played so well I couldn't lose,  just felt good all through the tourney, the quality and prices are very good to I have had many compliments also a couple friends have ordered a couple as well  thank you so much"

Newest Cues from our Pro shop

Maple  IV      $480.00

Purple Heart  V        $480.00

Bubinga II    $480.00

Striped Ebony     $480.00

Macassar Ebony I        $239.00

Indian Rosewood IV           $239.00

Elite Titlists Style Cue    $549.00

Cocobolo IX     $449.00

Indian Rosewood II         $499.00

Indian Rosewood III              $499.00

Bubinga I      $499.00

Sneaky Pete Purple Heart       $175.00

Maple   $499.00

Maple II         $325.00

Bocote IV    $325.00

Maple III      $325.00

Cocobolo VIII      $499.00

Bocote III    $699.00

Cinnamon Burl    $499.00

African Blackwood Butterfly points   $499.00

African Blackwood VI      $399.00

Birdeye Maple III   $499.00

Cocobolo VII      $499.00

Red Heart III        $650.00

African Blackwood III      $650.00   Made on Order

African Blackwood V           $599.00

                                                           Cues still available from the last 6-8 months

African Blackwood Red Heart          $750.00

Birdeye Maple II      $350.00

Purple Heart IV    $299.00

Cocobolo      $299.00

Cocobolo          $799.00     

Cocobolo IV      $650.00

Segmented Birdseye Maple      $750.00

Purple Heart Tiger Maple    $350.00

Cocobolo Holly         $575.00

African Blackwood w/ Figured Maple     $425.00

Ebony Cocobolo            $489.00

Cocobolo Tiger Maple  $250.00 

African Blackwood II      $650.00

Cocobolo V            $650.00

Cocobolo Olive    $699.00

Red Heart + East Indian Rosewood    $499.00

African Black Wood         $799.00

Purple Heart 3         $799.00

Bocote w/ Maple points   $550.00                        

Purple Heart           $599.00

Indian Rosewood Birds Eye Maple     $399.00     

Segmented  African Blackwood & Red Burl      $850.00

Bocote          $599.00

Cocobolo 2        $599.00

Hand made Holy Ebony Sleeping Beauty       $575.00  

Bubinga Birdseye Maple          $250.00 

 Tiger Maple         $575.00                

Red Heart     $499.00

                                                                                           Additional Shafts 
                         All shop work and shafts have up to 60 day wait time dependent on our craftsman's work orders!

Maple Shafts             $150.00 each
Solid Black Fenolic Joint w/ 14" pro taper

Hornbeam Shafts            $150.00 each
Solid Black Fenolic Joint w/ 14" pro taper

                                      Cues displayed below are models from the past that have sold and will now be made to order only!

Gorgeous Sunflower Custom      $1299.00

                                                                                                           Ordering Information

To order or to get more info click here

We can customize any cue any way you need it, even create custom inlay designs you've drawn up, we can also make extra shafts maple or hornbeam. Prices are adjusted upon request for multiple purchases and returning customers when placing order.


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